Posted on 05 Jan 2014


Hello all! Welcome to my new site. When I decided to create this site a couple days ago I came up with the following criteria I wanted to meet:

  • Have a place to occasionally make blog posts.
  • A place to share some projects I have done.
  • Easy to maintain.
  • Work/look as nice on phones/tablets as it does on the desktop, aka be responsive.

Maintain a server? no thanks!

To meet the no maintainance requirement I chose to go with a statically generated site. My webserver provides nginx by default so I can just utilize that to serve up my static site. There are quite a few options out there, such as Jekyll, Hyde, and Complexity, however I went with Pelican.

Turned out to be an easy decision

I heard about Jekyll quite a while ago and was the first thing that came to mind, however it is written in ruby which I have never really delved into. I wanted to stick with something written in Python in case there were tweaks/fixes I needed to make. I then came across Hyde and while it seemed to have promise once I started to take a look at the documentation I saw that it was severely lacking in that department. Sure I could have taken a look at the source and figured things out however I decided to continue searching for other potential solutions.

I found both Complexity and Pelican around the same time. They both have some nice features, but Pelican won me over in the end. It is a more mature project and supports pretty much exactly what I am looking for while being easily extendable. The key things being articles written with Markdown and site layout structured with Jinja2 templates.

The majority of topics I plan to write about here will be programming related, with other things mixed in here and there. At some point I am sure I will tweak the layout/styling a bit more, however for the time being this is a good start!